Why the public sector loves Aruba, and why you will too

Why the public sector loves Aruba, and why you will too


As a leader in the public sector, have you had a few sleepless nights over the security, capabilities, or complexity of your IT network? Do you know you need to be doing more, but just don’t have the budget or resources? Let’s just say you’re not alone.


At PKA, we’ve been serving the public sector throughout New Jersey and New York for two decades. One thing that we can say with certainty is this – some of the biggest challenges we see our public sector customers facing start with their network.


Why is that? Well, many leaders in the public sector find themselves behind when it comes to technology due to the way budgets work, and having a mountain of other priorities that extend well beyond IT. This makes it incredibly difficult to keep up with employee and resident service expectations, as well as deliver in other critical areas like:


  • Ensuring always-on security for the people, data, devices, and digital assets that run on your network.
  • Delivering consistent speeds, experiences, and connectivity options across your buildings and facilities.
  • Simplifying network management so your IT resources can be invested in more critical areas.
  • Enabling digital transformation by using your data and network infrastructure in innovative ways.


What if we told you there was a way to not only deliver in those areas, but also create a predictable network that’s capable of some truly amazing things? And, what if we told you that you wouldn’t have to lift more than a metaphorical finger to get there?


Watch this video to learn how together with Aruba, we can help you build a secure network that goes beyond connectivity to deliver the consistency, experiences, and outcomes you’re striving for:


There’s a reason why so many organizations in the public sector trust Aruba to power their networks, including the Pentagon. If that’s not a ringing endorsement for their technology, we’re not sure what is!


After working with Aruba for more than ten years, we’ve found that the possibilities are endless. But the truth is, technology is only one part of the puzzle. You need a partner that can help you transform those possibilities into actual realities, and we’d love an opportunity to do that for your organization.


At PKA, not only do we know the public sector – we know counties, municipalities, government agencies, and all the different types of organizations that are part of it, state-by-state. Our talented engineers and family of PKA SolveIT solutions can make it easier than you ever thought possible to take advantage of Aruba’s game-changing technology. Here’s what one of our customers had to say:


“PKA took the time to learn about our challenges and aspirations before they even started talking about technology. They helped us leverage HPE and Aruba technology to build a digital-ready network infrastructure that lowered costs and empowered us to better support our employees and the residents of our county. From proof of concept and sizing to on-going support, PKA made it simple and fast – and we all know how hard that can be in government.”

  • Assistant Administrator and CIO of a NJ County


Want to learn what PKA and Aruba can do for your organization? Give us 15 minutes.