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We do more than help. We solve.

The successful application of the right technologies can transform the IT environment and create competitive advantages. But simply keeping up with ongoing maintenance and management can strain IT resources, making it difficult to launch and sustain new projects.

PKA provides a comprehensive suite of professional services that help ensure the success of your strategic initiatives. Our expertise spans the entire data center stack as well as the extended network, end-user computing, and security and compliance tools. We also stay abreast of the latest innovations and have insight into the technology roadmaps of our vendor partners.

We help you select the right technology for your particular use case and design solutions that are reliable, scalable and operationally efficient. We then provide expert installation and configuration services that optimize performance and minimize support challenges.

Communication is the hallmark of our project management services. We’ll advise you regarding site preparation and the precise timetable for delivery and installation, and keep you fully informed as your project progresses.

Our engineers can work independently or closely with your team as you choose. We approach every project with a “do whatever it takes” attitude, committing the time and resources needed to meet your business and IT requirements.

Give us a call. Let’s discuss how we can help get your initiatives off the ground.

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