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Today’s students learn about the world and their social life on mobile devices. Bringing that experience to school by allowing them to easily access content and learning tools on a similar mobile device just makes sense. For schools, that means an opportunity to save a significant amount of money, which is especially important in times when state governments are strapped and school districts, facing budget cuts, are looking for ways to cut costs.

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Meeting the Demands of the 21st-Century Classroom

Many K-12 schools are adopting blended-learning strategies that combine traditional classroom instruction with online education. School districts nationwide face mandates to implement computer-adaptive testing and provide every student with access to network-based resources. Safety is a top priority as schools take steps to prevent and respond to emergency situations.

The K-12 environment is more reliant upon technology than ever as schools seek to engage today’s students and improve efficiency and security. Schools need an always-on network with the coverage and capacity to support ever-increasing numbers of devices and applications. Teachers want the flexibility to explore new solutions that can provide a better learning experience for their students.

PKA Technologies has a dedicated team serving the K-12 marketplace. Because of our vast experience with education technology, we can help you navigate the latest innovations and develop a digital learning plan so your educators can better use technology to teach their students.

Whether you are looking to deploy tablets in the classroom or build an enterprise-class infrastructure, our specialists will assess your requirements and design and implement the right solutions. Post-implementation, we will deliver ongoing support throughout the technology lifecycle.

The right technology can help inspire students and ignite a lifelong passion for learning. Let PKA assist you in the technology decisions that will take your school into the future.

Call us today for an assessment of how we can help you reach your goals.

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