Data Center Optimization

Because good could be better. And better can be made the best.

IT organizations face seemingly competing demands to rapidly roll out new applications and services while maintaining service levels and reducing costs. However, legacy data center architectures lack the agility to respond to these mandates, with IT budgets heavily weighted toward operational and maintenance costs.

Data center optimization helps IT organizations gain firm control of IT resources, a critical first step toward business and IT alignment. It provides a strategy for replacing aging infrastructure with solutions that maximize performance and minimize operating expenses.

Virtualization plays a key role in data center optimization, allowing organizations to consolidate their infrastructures and create a more responsive environment. Automation, orchestration and the appropriate application of cloud models enable new levels of efficiency so that more of the IT budget can be devoted to innovation.

PKA helps IT organizations discover what they have, determine what they need and implement the appropriate resources all while controlling the impact of change and maintaining the service levels demanded by the business. We turn our customers data centers into flexible infrastructures with the reliability and performance to meet mission-critical requirements.

Call us and let us put our expertise to work optimizing your data center to meet changing business demands.

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