The cloud, as an IT solution, is aptly named. Cloud solutions can take many different forms. And while the benefits can be significant, the cloud may not be the right move for all organizations or for all applications. Or perhaps it is not yet the right time.

The questions that we ask up front can determine the cloud’s success in your operation. What are your business reasons for making the transition? Are your applications ready for the cloud? Is your network ready? The cloud requires a highly capable network, along with robust security and data governance.

If we determine together that the cloud is a positive evolution for your company, then we can take next steps. PKA Technologies can bring your applications, security and network in line with cloud requirements. We can help you navigate the various cloud options, such as public, private and hybrid, and leverage prebuilt configurations to reduce migration costs and risk.

The cloud can indeed simplify your business. And it can be cost-effective, transitioning your IT from a CAPEX to an OPEX model. But to reap all its benefits, it must be carefully planned, and expertly executed, to remain available and secure at all times.

To explore cloud solutions, call us. We would love the opportunity to demonstrate in person what the cloud might do for you.

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Backing up Critical Data with Cloud Computing

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