It doesn’t take an IT expert to know this: you don’t want to end up on the front page of The New York Times because all of your company’s and your customer’s data is now free in cyberspace – all over the world.

It has happened. And it will happen again.

Applying proactive security intelligence and risk management to the modern enterprise can prevent it. In other words: it is possible to create a cybersecurity infrastructure that protects your data and your applications while giving authorized users access to the resources they need.

PKA Technologies can help. We take a holistic view of your IT environment, and work with powerful, top-shelf security components from HPE and other leading vendors. By combining proactive network security, data encryption, security information and event management and application security testing, we help customers create a layered security environment that uncovers and neutralizes vulnerabilities. These solutions have complementary features that enhance each other strengths and create a complete well-balanced environment for data center health.

We provide a comprehensive array of services that help you make the most of your security investments. We can help you identify and prioritize the risks to your business, develop a security strategy, and quickly implement and validate security technologies.

If you’re concerned about security (and you should be), give us a call to arrange a confidential consultation.

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