Government Contracts

PKA Technologies is listed as an Authorized Reseller for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Aruba, HP Inc, and Tripp Lite on the following New York OGS contracts:

HPE # PM20850

HPI Umbrella # PM20860

HPI Printer # PT66605

SHARP # PC67454

Tripplite Umbrella # PM20990

VMWare # PM67310


PKA is an Authorized Fulfillment Subcontractor in New Jersey for the following NASPO ValuePoint contracts:

HPE MMNVP-134 NJS PA # M-0483-E-40116

HPE AR1464 NJS PA # M-7000-88130 DATACOMM

HPI MMNVP-133 NJS PA # M-0483-89974


Additional contracts PKA is authorized to use to fulfill orders:



NJEDge VMWare #00278834

The Quilt | NJPA | NCPA | GSA


PKA Technologies ID numbers:

WBENC National Minority Business Certification #: 2005113714

FEDERAL ID #: 13-3919056

ERATE Service Provider Spin Number: 143042925

New York State Vendor ID #: (WBE/SBE) 1100010089

New York City WBE Certification #: MWCERT-8595

New Jersey WBE Certification #: 55450-15

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