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PKA maintains unsurpassed technical expertise on all major systems and applications. But we consider that to be just the price of admission. What separates us from most of our competitors is the depth of our knowledge and experience.

After all, mastering today’s IT environment isn’t only about surfing the leading edge. It’s about understanding both legacy technologies and the latest solutions and architecting an environment that leverages each of their strengths. It’s about taking the manufacturer’s technology and optimizing it to create transformative solutions.

Of course, we can’t develop a solution until we understand what you’re trying to solve. That’s why our consultants ask a lot of questions: What is your business challenge? What is driving your need for change? What is not working in your environment today? What is? Where do you need to be five years from now?

Your answers to those questions will help guide us in the selection of the right technologies and the design of a robust, reliable solution. We then apply our expert skills as integrators to make everything work together, and keep you ahead of your competition.

We believe that solutions are only valuable when they truly solve all of your challenges. Let us add value to your IT environment.

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What is your business challenge?

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