Organizations looking for relief from ever-increasing IT complexity are turning to converged infrastructure solutions. By combining compute, storage, networking, virtualization and management components in one integrated, tested and optimized system, converged infrastructure solutions save time and resources while enabling more rapid rollout of applications and services.

Converged infrastructure solutions are modular building blocks that are easily integrated into your existed environment for investment protection. Validated workload designs reduce risk and simplify scalability. Integrated management increases efficiency and accelerates time to value.

Hyper-converged solutions go a step further, tightly integrating more components of the data center stack to create a shared pool of resources. True hyper-converged solutions are highly virtualized with a software-centric design and native data protection.

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise coined the term “converged infrastructure” and provides industry-leading solutions incorporating HPE compute and storage technologies. These systems are based upon validated reference architectures that give customers a high degree of choice in terms of networking and virtualization components. HPE hyper-converged systems combine everything needed for a virtualized environment so workloads can be up and running in minutes. HPE has also introduced a new category – called “composable infrastructure”” that further accelerates IT delivery.

With expertise across the data center stack, PKA Technologies can help you determine which workloads are best suited for convergence and take full advantage of the benefits of these solutions. Call us today to get started.

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