Data Protection / DR

Data protection has always been difficult. Now those challenges are exacerbated by mushrooming data volumes and virtualized and cloud-based platforms. While many organizations are reluctant to upgrade their backup systems, siloed processes make management difficult and leave gaps in data protection.

PKA Technologies can fill those gaps. We offer leading-edge backup, snapshot and replication solutions that ensure your storage systems are always protected and available. Our solutions focus on rapid data recovery while reducing the complexity of data protection. We also provide data de-duplication, compression and other reduction strategies to further optimize backup storage and reduce costs.

Analytics and automation software uses real-time intelligence to orchestrate backup and recovery processes and respond to changes in the IT environment. Long-term retention solutions can ease the strain on primary storage and backup systems while ensuring accessibility of archived data.

Our business continuity solutions are designed to meet stringent SLAs, recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs), including “zero downtime” requirements. We help customers develop and implement business continuity strategies, and leverage public and private clouds, where appropriate, for cost-effective disaster recovery.

Data protection may not be glamorous but it is a critical part of any IT infrastructure. Call PKA for help in improving this essential function.

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