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Today’s students learn about the world and their social life on mobile devices. Bringing  that experience to school by allowing them to easily access content and learning tools on a similar mobile device just makes sense.

Reevaluating Disaster Recovery Plans and Procedures – 3 Pitfalls to Avoid

Even the best-laid disaster recovery plans can disintegrate in a matter of hours as failover sites begin to fail, resulting in real-world RTOs measured in days rather than hours. To avoid catastrophic interruptions to business continuity, updated disaster recovery plans and procedures should avoid three common pitfalls.

Own Regulatory Audits by Adopting a Proactive Strategy

The cost of achieving regulatory compliance continues to rise as government agencies and industry groups demand that organizations adhere to an increasing number of standards. However, the cost of non-compliance displays an inverse relationship to the number of internal audits conducted, proving the value of developing comprehensive regulatory compliance protocols.

Putting Off Smart Disaster Recovery Planning Can Cost You Later

Some people put off disaster recovery planning due to other business priorities, while others perceive it simply as backing up data regularly and storing it in “safe” locations. But smart disaster recovery planning is so much more. It helps an organization get through a crisis faster and at less cost, and can pinpoint areas for day-to-day improvement for the business as a whole.

Planning for High Utilization within Virtualized Infrastructures

Companies can plan to make their environments as virtual as possible, but some IT concerns may still remain. How effectively can a company manage a high number of users in a changing environment? How can it be prepared to face newer security risks in the future? How can they get help to face new threats that might arise? PKA can help companies address all of these issues.

Backing up Critical Data with Cloud Computing

Three out of seven businesses that suffer a major data catastrophe, whether by human hands or natural forces, never reopen their doors. Companies can take advantage of cloud computing to back up their data and standardize data center operations. The effective use of cloud computing can help companies survive the loss of critical data that would otherwise sink unprepared businesses.

The Benefits of Virtualized Infrastructures

Organizations can streamline their operations and avoid disaster shutdown through the use of virtualized infrastructures. IT infrastructures can be made to run less expensively while increasing efficiency through the use of virtualization. Working with expert IT consultants can provide organizations with engineering personnel armed with the most advanced software and hardware needed to perform data center overhauls from start to finish.

The Top Security Risks and How to Mitigate Them

No company is 100% protected from the risk of an information security breach. High-profile cases of breaches suffered by major corporations serve as a reminder of the huge toll such attacks can impose on an enterprise’s bottom line and public reputation. IT departments should continually reevaluate their own security protocols and take steps to mitigate the top five information security risks.