Enterprise Software

Enterprise software comprises a vast array of applications and tools that help organizations operate more efficiently. From operations and information management to security and application delivery, enterprise software supports and enhances many business processes and workflows.

As an HPE exclusive partner, PKA Technologies brings to the table HPE’s entire suite of enterprise software. The end result can turbocharge your IT performance in any number of ways.

HPE’s solutions for IT Operations Management enable you to automate tasks, orchestrate processes and transform the delivery of IT services. There are solutions to help you transition to a DevOps environment, in which software development and IT operations are better aligned.

There’s enterprise software that tests the code of an app you’ve developed and allows you to test it simulating a thousand simultaneous users. There are big data solutions and some of the most robust security tools on the market.

Because HP Enterprise Software is such a huge offering, finding what’s best for your set of challenges and opportunities is first a consultative process. Once we understand what your needs are, we will bring the right HPE expert to personally help you through the rest of the process. It’s a personalized, and transformative, experience.

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