See How An IT Consumption Model Can Work for You
“Pay-as-you-grow,” flexibility, scalability, cost-effective, and secure describe our most innovative IT solution – HPE’s GreenLake consumption model.

Businesses now have an innovative way to keep up with and stay ahead of the rapid changes in information technology and increases in user demand. We work with HPE to make its GreenLake consumption model a reality for enterprises throughout the nation. GreenLake is the intersection of evolving technology, growing user demands, and an ever-changing business landscape.

Benefits of the new model include:
• Agility and flexibility
• Scalability and availability
• Cost reduction
• Up-to-date hardware and software
• Expert support
• Security

This pay-as-you-go model leverages information technology services and resources to achieve a balance between cost, efficiency, and productivity while addressing administrative tasks, collaboration, and analytics. GreenLake also improves business processes and helps you achieve your technology objectives. It’s the transformation from ordinary computing to consumption. The consumption model provides rapid scalability and flexibility both on and off premises.
With GreenLake, you “pay-as-you-go.” Businesses pay only for what they use. Like gas and electricity, actual usage is metered monthly, and required payments increase or decrease accordingly.

Before you implement an IT consumption model, contact a PKA Expert to help you answer 5 key questions:

IT Consumption: 5 Essential Questions Before Taking the Plunge

  1. Is my IT organization ready to support new product launches?
  2. How much IT flexibility do I need?
  3. Am I matching IT costs to business activity?
  4. How do I minimize risk effectively?
  5. Am I spending too much time managing purchase orders?


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