Aruba Solutions for the Public Sector


Create a secure, predictable network that’s capable of truly amazing things

Does the security, capabilities, or complexity of your IT network keep you up at night? Do you know you should be doing more but just don’t have the time, budget, or resources? Together with Aruba, we can help!


We’ve been serving the public sector throughout New Jersey and New York for two decades – and after years of helping organizations like yours take advantage of Aruba’s proven technology, we’ve found the possibilities are truly endless. No matter what you need or want to accomplish with your network, our family of PKA SolveIT solutions were built to make it easier for your organization to transform those possibilities into realities, including:


  • Modernizing your wired and wireless network
  • Drastically simplifying how you manage your network
  • Strengthening network security and compliance
  • Improving user experiences from the parking lot to your offices
  • Delivering consistent speeds and services across your facilities
  • Using network data and infrastructure in new ways to transform digitally


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At PKA, not only do we know the public sector – we know counties, municipalities, government agencies, and all the different types of organizations that are part of it, state-by-state. Our local, talented engineers and family of PKA SolveIT solutions can make it easier than you ever thought possible to take advantage of Aruba’s game-changing technology. If the Pentagon trusts Aruba, why shouldn’t you?


Want to see what Aruba can do for your network? All we need is 15 minutes

If you’d like your network to go beyond connectivity to deliver the consistency, experiences, and outcomes you know you need to create, we should talk. Give us 15 minutes and we’ll show you how we can help you build a secure, predictable, and capable network that will help you accomplish some truly amazing things:


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