PKA SolveIT: HPC and AI

For many years, high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) have been powerful tools for scientists and researchers working on the world’s biggest problems. But as the demand for performance and intelligence in the data center continues to sky rocket, HPC and AI are helping organizations in just about every industry with the problems that they’re working on too.


The truth is that HPC and AI are everywhere – and even though you may not realize it, they’re both impacting your life on a daily basis:


  • When you check the weather, HPC and AI power the computational models used for that data.
  • When you watch your favorite animated movie, the perfect shading and motion is a result of HPC and AI.
  • And when get in your car, the airbag that keeps you safe was perfected through the use of HPC and AI.


Some of today’s largest organizations rely on high performance computing and AI technology from HPE to drive innovation, reduce risk, and increase profitability – and with PKA by your side, you can as well!


PKA SolveIT brings HPC and AI within reach of any organization

From traditional use cases in life sciences to new ones that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning, PKA Solve IT offers a variety of high performance computing solutions powered by HPE technology that can help your organization become more innovative and competitive. Would you benefit from any of these use cases?


  • State and local government
    • Protect citizens using facial recognition and speech pattern detection
    • Gain more communications intelligence with social media data analytics
  • K-12 and higher education
    • Protect students, faculty, and staff with predictive surveillance
    • Give your science and art departments the computational resources they need
  • Healthcare
    • Accelerate time-to-insight for research and drug design
    • Introduce predictive medicine for patients
  • Financial services
    • Help clients process transactions faster to stay ahead of trends
    • Improve how you identify risks and opportunities
  • Returning to work safely everywhere
    • Enforce social distancing guidelines on your properties
    • Incorporate thermal temperature scanning and contact tracing


This is by no means a comprehensive list – we’ll work with you to build custom solutions that leverage HPE’s proven technology and our services to tackle the biggest challenges on your plate.


Want to learn what HPC and AI can do for your organization?

PKA SolveIT is a family of solutions, and we’re doing some incredible things with HPC and AI technology from HPE. Give us 15 minutes and we’ll share the possibilities they can create for your organization!

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