Hybrid Cloud Increases Your Intelligence

This title is a bold claim, but it’s true. Making a move to a hybrid cloud increases your intelligence. Let’s take a look at the significance of that statement. Your business gets smarter. Your decisions become more data driven. A hybrid cloud solution creates the environment where your data helps you accomplish more. Your business literally accomplishes the dream of working smarter, not harder. In this article, we’ll review the current state of the market, how your business can benefit, and what you can do today to take advantage of all a hybrid cloud has to offer.

The Current State of the Market

According to HPE, “enterprise decision-makers are increasingly choosing hybrid cloud as their preferred operating model because it offers significant value to the business.” Businesses realize this significant value in a few key ways. First, decision making becomes faster. Second, those same faster decisions are more accurate as they are based on real-time data and analytics. Third, and perhaps most important, businesses save money along with their time savings.

While there is no single “this is how you do it” approach to building a hybrid cloud, there are some key components to consider. Additionally, hybrid cloud zealots agree that the flexibility and responsiveness of a hybrid cloud solution provides incredible benefits to businesses of any size. Additionally, this helps an organization better draw meaningful insights from their data. The net result of all of this is an organization that is better positioned to take advantage of new growth opportunities.

According to HPE, decision makers across all sizes of organizations report that a hybrid cloud approach to data management provides a better ability to turn raw data into actionable intelligence. Per an HPE survey, public- and private-only cloud solutions provide the strongest ability to capitalize on data when making decisions. Hybrids of on-premises and cloud solutions are quite close in their ability to deliver desired business outcomes.

Hybrid Cloud Increases Business Benefits

Not only does a hybrid cloud increase your intelligence, it provides serious business benefits. We’ve already mentioned flexibility as a feature of Hybrid Cloud. This translates into the benefit of decreased expenses and increased productivity. The same can be said for the responsiveness that Hybrid Cloud offers. Your ability to meet customer or stakeholder needs more quickly is manifest in increased CSAT scores and more.

The ability to make better, more informed business decisions means reduced costs, better ROI on R&D, and the streamlined operations you need to maintain competitiveness in your market.

How Does Your Business Get More Intelligent?

As noted, the concept may be simple, but the solutions are not cookie-cutter or “one size fits all.” PKA can help you make sense of your options. Our cloud experts can help you cut through the fog and craft a custom strategy to help you capitalize on Hybrid Cloud solutions. In short, we can help the promise of increased business intelligence through Hybrid Cloud become a reality. Reach out to us today to start the conversation. We’re always listening.