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PKA SolveIT: HPE InfoSight 

When it comes to IT infrastructure management and support, have you ever thought to yourself that there has to be a better way? Well, we’re happy to tell you that there is – and it’s with HPE InfoSight!


Every second, InfoSight analyzes data from millions of systems across the globe and uses that intelligence to make your systems smarter and more self-efficient. In fact, HPE InfoSight is proven to predict and automatically resolve up to 86% of issues* across your infrastructure stack before they become disruptions, as well as simplify your support experiences.


InfoSight is available across HPE’s server and storage portfolio

InfoSight started with Nimble Storage, but continues to expand across HPE’s entire infrastructure portfolio. Through its AI-driven intelligence, you will be able to improve IT availability, simplify support, and stop the infrastructure firefights that hold your IT team back from delivering more value to the business.


  • Transform your IT operations from reactive to predictive: Instead of fighting fires and dealing with escalations, InfoSight can predict and prevent problems before they affect IT or your business.


  • Take the guesswork out of managing infrastructure: InfoSight tells you how you can improve performance, optimize your resources, and plan for the future all in an easy-to-use cloud-based portal.


  • Create an intelligent infrastructure: InfoSight is constantly collecting data and learning from other workloads – and it uses that intelligence to make your systems smarter and enable self-improvement.


Watch a video to learn about HPE InfoSight

How will you benefit from HPE InfoSight?

At PKA, we’re one of the top HPE partners in the Tristate. We’ll help you take advantage of HPE InfoSight to improve how you manage and support IT – from servers and storage to virtual machines.


  • More intelligent infrastructure: Enjoy fewer support cases and faster time-to-resolution as your infrastructure gets smarter – and over time, your availability and app performance will keep getting better.


  • Effortless operations: Drive deep visibility and eliminate guesswork with VM- and data-centric analytics, simplified lifecycle management, and recommendations to optimize performance and workload placement.


  • Better support experiences: Benefit from intelligence that will automatically resolve infrastructure issues. And if a problem can’t be resolved automatically, InfoSight will make your support experience significantly better.


Give us 15 minutes to see what PKA and HPE InfoSight can do for you

If you struggle with the management and support of your IT infrastructure, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not at least seeing how InfoSight can help. All we need is 15 minutes, and we’ll show you what it can do for your organization!


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