PKA SolveIT: Aruba ClearPass

PKA SolveIT: Aruba ClearPass

Do you have a clear understanding of who and what is connecting to your network? As you continue to support employees working at home, employees returning to the office, and a proliferation of new devices, having that insight has never been more important.


If you’re one of the many organizations that’s struggling with visibility, access control, endpoint security, or BYOD management in your wired or wireless network, our Aruba ClearPass solutions were built to help.


Get to know Aruba ClearPass

Aruba ClearPass is a network access control (NAC) solution with a family of complementary products that can help you tackle some of the biggest challenges you’re facing from a security and device management perspective in your wired or wireless network, including:


  • Creating and deploying BYOD workflows so employees can use their own devices
  • Ensuring only approved, authenticated devices can connect to your network
  • Enforcing policies for how users and devices connect, as well as what they can access
  • Providing visibility into the people and the devices that are using your network
  • Simplifying network access for users whether they’re using wired or wireless connections
  • Securing Ethernet ports that are being used throughout your physical facilities
  • Implementing secure network access for visitors, guests, and customers


How else will you benefit from Aruba ClearPass?


  • Open and seamless integration: Unlike other access control solutions that require a commitment to a single vendor’s infrastructure, ClearPass is optimized to operate in any network – multi-vendor or not.


  • One network, one view, one policy: The ability for ClearPass to control the access to IT resources is not only independent from the vendor supplying the equipment, but also whether access is wired, wireless, or remote.


  • Ironclad access: Some access control solutions allow any user or device onto the network and then take action if something goes wrong. ClearPass follows a “verify then trust” approach for a more secure network.


  • Closed-loop response: Think of ClearPass as the gatekeeper of the network. The same policy engine that enables network access can be used to respond to a cyberattack by taking policy-based actions such as a re-authentication, bandwidth throttle, quarantine, or block.


Want to learn more? Download a solution overview by clicking here.


Give us 15 minutes to see what PKA and Aruba ClearPass can do for you

At PKA, network security and management are two of our core competencies. If you’d like to learn how you can benefit from that experience as well as Aruba ClearPass, let’s have a conversation. All we need is 15 minutes, and we’ll show you what we can do for your organization!

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