SAP Hana

For Business Critical Systems in medium to large environments, SAP Hana is like a performance turbocharger. It transforms business by streamlining applications, analytics, planning, predictive analysis, and sentiment analysis on a single platform so business can operate in real-time.

PKA works in tandem with HP to offer this powerful, in-memory computing platform in a next-generation technology stack – the SAP Appliance – an all in one package combining servers, storage, and networking in one frame.

Together with an enormous suite of tools called SAP Hana Studio, you can, for example, accelerate key business processes with in-memory technology, invent new business models and processes by leveraging innovative solutions, and provide the base for speeding data across lines of business and industries.

And if Big Data is in your future, you can be sure the turbocharged data analytics of SAP Hana are as well.

PKA is certified and authorized to sell the entire transformative world of SAP Hana, a catalog of solutions so vast we recommend in-person consultations, and personalized follow-up for installation and implementation.

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