PKA SolveIT-Aruba

Reassure staff, students, and visitors as they return to the workplace.

Aruba’s Wi-Fi and location services give you the built-in network intelligence to put safety first. Like density mapping so you can modify floorplans when traffic patterns become risky. Or contact tracing to minimize impact if the virus appears in the workplace. All designed to keep your employees and customers safe.

What make Aruba’s contact tracing solution different from all the rest?

Aruba’s network-based approach uses both proximity and location telemetry to perform contact and location tracing, and the advanced AI capabilities ensure pinpoint accuracy so you’re able to see which people intersected and the exact location of the interaction.

Here’s how Aruba Contact Tracing works.

  • Aruba APs listen. As users move through the workplace, Aruba APs listen for users, Wi-Fi devices, or Bluetooth tags.
  • Data is analyzed.
  • Someone is sick and contacts are traced.
  • Locations are traced.

Components of Aruba Contact Tracing

  • Aruba Access Points

Aruba APs enable a location-aware office and provide contact and location-based telemetry and indoor wayfinding using Wi-Fi, BLE, and data analytics.

  • Aruba Central

Central now has proximity tracing so you can run a simple query based on a username or MAC address to see who has encountered others.

  • Aruba Meridian

Meridian works with Aruba 300/500 series APs and Aruba Tags to provide heat mapping and location analytics within a physical building or campus.

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