PKA SolveIT: HPC and AI solutions for healthcare

At PKA, we’re committed to developing the partnerships and solutions that are needed to enable excellence in healthcare. Together with NVIDIA and HPE, we’re helping healthcare leaders create a data center-to-edge computing platform that’s capable of driving innovation from the parking lot to the operating room.

By combining their proven technology with our practical healthcare expertise, we can empower you to leverage HPC and AI to improve patient care, accelerate drug research, get to market faster, intelligently connect your facilities, and so much more.

PKA SolveIT brings HPC and AI within reach of any healthcare organization

From traditional use cases in medical research to new ones that leverage artificial intelligence and deep learning, PKA SolveIT offers a variety of HPC solutions powered by NVIDIA GPUs and HPE’s proven technology:

  • NVIDIA: NVIDIA GPUs enable healthcare organizations to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) to define the future of medicine.
  • HPE: NVIDIA GPUs can be placed on HPE’s proven servers or as a part of their consumption-based GreenLake solutions to create a next-generation computing platform that brings the cloud to you.
  • PKA Technologies: After understanding your goals, we will tap into our AI and healthcare expertise to develop a solution that takes advantage of these technologies to drive your intended outcomes.

How would you benefit from these outcomes?

Our partnerships with NVIDIA and HPE enable us to bring the power of HPC and AI to the healthcare industry. Whether you’re a hospital system, research facility, or clinic, we can help you put these innovative technologies to work for your organization so you can:

  • Deliver more personalized patient care
  • Create better patient waiting room experiences
  • Facilitate faster drug discovery
  • Accelerate genome analysis and cancer research
  • Improve findings in medical imaging
  • Rely on advanced technology like cryomicroscopy
  • Introduce real-time, advanced image processing
  • Implement smart sensors and medical instruments
  • Enable researchers and providers to work from anywhere

This is by no means a comprehensive list – we’ll work with you to build custom solutions to tackle even the biggest challenges you have on your plate.

Want to learn what HPC and AI can do for your organization?

PKA SolveIT is a family of solutions, and we’re doing some incredible things with NVIDIA and HPE for the healthcare industry. Give us 15 minutes and we’ll share the possibilities they can create for your organization!

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