PKA SolveIT: HP Solutions for K12 Education

Can the devices your school relies upon keep up with all the change that’s happening in education? Are they sustainable? Do they enable you to keep the data you’ve been entrusted with secure?

As you strive to modernize and secure the delivery of education to support the new realities of K12 education, we can provide the devices and services that your students, teachers, administrators, and school need to be successful.

Devices built for performance, security, and durability
From secure Chromebooks in the classroom to powerful workstations for administrators and labs, HP offers devices for any need or use case throughout your school.

HP Chromebooks:
Perfect for students, educators, and bringing tech into the classroom
HP Elite Laptops:
High-end but affordable laptops for faculty, administrators, and staff
HP Z Workstations:
Great for running applications that require more performance
HP Printers:
Technology built to handle both your small and large-scale printing needs


Long battery life

Powerful connectivity

Built-in security

Great performance

Military-grade durability

Reliable and sustainable

Incredibly powerful

Priced for education
Technology built to handle both your small and large-scale printing needs


Need to deliver better remote learning experiences?

Your HP devices can include the Intel Evo vPro platform – a platform that was built for what your IT team needs, and what your users want. Designed with highly mobile workers and learners in mind, it provides flexibility, superior manageability, hardware-based security, and unparalleled collaboration capabilities to meet the growing demands of your school’s remote workers and learners.

Services that make those devices easy to deploy, manage, and maintain
Along with devices built for K12 schools and designed for learning, we also offer services that make those devices easier to deploy, manage, and maintain:

• Device staging and preparation: Let our team handle the staging, licensing, and tagging of your new devices.
• Complete lifecycle services: Let us help with anything from deployment through device disposition and renewal.
• Manageability services: Enable your IT team to gain proactive insights on devices being used on your network.

What are our K12 customers saying about us?

“We have come to expect the team at PKA to always deliver for us… And they have. But the time when they really shined was during the pandemic, when they did the impossible and secured 6,000 devices for us, which was pivotal for our students.”
– IT Director, Public School System in NJ

Want to learn more, or have needs that extend beyond your devices?
At PKA, we know K12 education. Reach out today to learn about our SolveIT solutions and how they can help you overcome the challenges you’re experiencing from an IT, education, or business perspective.

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