PKA SolveIT: HPE Nimble Storage dHCI
From high costs to complex management, HCI removed a lot of the shackles that came with traditional converged solutions – enabling organizations to take advantage of a more “building block” style approach to IT infrastructure.

While that’s great, most of today’s HCI solutions don’t natively integrate with your existing investments. But the even bigger challenge is that rather than empowering you to add more compute or storage when you need it, you’re locked into scaling by buying more pre-defined building blocks.

With HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, we can deliver the ease-of-use that HCI is known for but without all the limitations!

The “d” in dHCI is what makes it special
Because it’s disaggregated, dHCI delivers a hyperconverged experience that not only includes speed and simplicity, but also the ability to scale compute and storage independently. That means you can keep up with the growing amount of data you’re producing without having to overprovision compute – and because dHCi is built on Nimble Storage, you’ll also benefit from global intelligence and AI-powered analytics from HPE InfoSight.

• Free up your IT team: InfoSight solves up to 86% of issues automatically without IT intervention.
• Extend hyperconvergence anywhere: Bring the speed and simplicity of HCI to any of your apps and workloads.
• Scale however you need to: Add more compute or storage without having to overprovision the other.
• Become cloud-ready: dHCI is a cloud-ready platform in terms of connectivity, data mobility, and automation.

See what dHCI can do for your organization
PKA SolveIT is a family of solutions, and we’re having incredible success with dHCI in both the private and public sector. Give us 15 minutes to show you how we can increase your time to market, end the firefighting, and optimize your data with an intelligent platform that’s designed for business-critical apps and mixed workloads.

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