PKA SolveIT: Aruba for the public sector

PKA SolveIT: Aruba for the public sector

From state agencies to police departments, we’ve been delivering impactful IT solutions to the public sector for almost twenty years. If you’re looking for a partner that truly understands the technology needs of your organization aren’t the same as a commercial business, you’ve found one in PKA.

After working with Aruba technology for more than a decade, we’ve found that the possibilities are endless. But the truth is that technology is only one part of the puzzle. You need a partner that can help you transform those possibilities into actual realities and we’d love an opportunity to do that for your organization.

Through our family of PKA SolveIT Aruba solutions, we can help you create new experiences, improve your security posture, simplify network management, and so much more – whether you’re a District Attorney’s office or a local municipality.

So, what’s possible with PKA and Aruba?

From network security to supporting a surge in remote users, we’ll work with you to understand where you’re struggling and align the technology that’s required for you to create the outcomes you’re trying to achieve. Through our PKA SolveIT Aruba solutions, we’re helping state agencies, local governments, municipalities, police departments, and more:

  1. Modernize their network: In the public sector, many organizations find themselves behind in IT because of the way budgets work. Aruba makes it easy to modernize your network, and ensure it stays that way.
  2. Improve user experiences: With Aruba, you can give your remote users the same application and connectivity experiences they would have in the office while working remotely.
  3. Simplify network management: In addition to improving user experiences, Aruba makes it easier for your admins to deploy, manage, and secure your networks from anywhere in the world.
  4. Support security and compliance requirements: Security is critical, but it must also be pragmatic. With Aruba, we can help you stay secure and compliant without affecting daily operations or user experiences.
  5. Allow connectivity from any device: Aruba gives you what you need to empower remote users the ability to securely connect to critical resources from any device.
  6. Start or continue their digital transformation: We can help you build the modern, secure network foundation that digital transformation requires – as well as create the new experiences you want to build for the citizens, staff, and workers you support.


Want to learn what Aruba can do for your organization?

PKA SolveIT is a family of solutions, and we’re doing some incredible things with Aruba technology in the public sector. Give us 15 minutes, and we’ll share the possibilities their technology can create for your organization!


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