PKA SolveIT: Aruba Education

PKA SolveIT: Aruba Solutions for K12 and Higher Education

Together with HPE and Aruba, we’re helping educational institutions like yours build a network that’s ready for whatever education will look like – both today and tomorrow. By combining their technology with our practical expertise in education, we can help you improve the capabilities, speed, simplicity, and security of your wired and wireless network.

Are you (and your network) ready for the return to in-person classes?

Governor Murphy declared that all NJ schools will return to in-person classes this fall. You may feel like you’re prepared from an operational perspective, but is your network and IT infrastructure? Today’s wireless networks are complex and need to support many different types of use cases, users, and devices. Put simply, “it’s not your mother’s wireless.” Even more, wired networks, cabling, management of network data, and security are only becoming more complicated as the needs of your students continue to change.

At PKA, we know networking and education. We can work with you to ensure you’re prepared for the return to in-person classes, ready to address new requirements, and informed on the ways you can take advantage of public funding to upgrade your network using Aruba’s game-changing technology.

We’ll help you build a network that’s ready for student, faculty, and staff success

Whether you need to improve wireless coverage, strengthen network security, or be in a better position to empower students to connect how they want on the device they choose, we will use Aruba’s proven networking technology to help you build a network that’s ready for student, faculty, and staff success – including:

  • Site coverage planning
  • Cabling
  • Access points
  • Controllers and gateways
  • Switches
  • Operations and management
  • Campus and school security
  • Location services

How will you benefit from our PKA SolveIT solutions for K12 and Higher Education?

  • Understand where you have wireless coverage gaps, and correct them
  • Offer smarter and more secure connectivity to your students, faculty, and staff
  • Humanize how your students connect the devices they want to use
  • Gain more insight into what’s happening on your network, and use that data intelligently
  • Bring enterprise-level network security to your school
  • Simplify how your wired and wireless network is managed
  • Introduce smart buildings and facilities to your school or campus

Want to learn what Aruba can do for your school? Give us 15 minutes.

If your network isn’t ready to give your students, faculty, and staff all they need to work, learn, play, and socialize, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not learning how we can help. Give us 15 minutes, and we’ll share how Aruba technology can provide the foundation for a secure, future-proof network that’s ready for anything you need from it.

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    Check out this content to learn more about Aruba technology for education

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