PKA SolveIT-Alletra

PKA SolveIT: HPE Alletra

Wouldn’t you like to be known for the data services and outcomes you deliver instead of the infrastructure you manage? Together with HPE, we can help you move from owning and maintaining storage infrastructure to utilizing it on-demand and as-a-service to create amazing outcomes for anyone that your IT team serves.


Get to know HPE’s new data services platform

HPE’s new data services platform – available through their GreenLake as-a-service model – consists of three new innovations that simplify and unify data operations by bringing a cloud operations model to wherever your data lives:


  • HPE Alletra: A new portfolio of cloud-native data infrastructure that was built to power your data from the edge to the cloud.


  • HPE Data Services Cloud Console: A cloud console that delivers operational agility and unified operations to all your data.


  • HPE Cloud Data Services: A suite of software subscription services that radically simply and automate infrastructure management at scale.


Watch a video to learn about HPE Alletra

How will you benefit from HPE’s data services platform and Alletra?

Are you struggling to manage a complex web of fragmented hardware, software, and manual process in your storage environment? Our PKA SolveIT solutions will help you take advantage of HPE Alletra and their new data services platform to break down data silos and leverage your data with unified operations – anywhere it resides:

  • Move to a single, cloud-native platform that powers all your data, from edge to cloud
  • Shed the complexity and data silos that plague storage in your hybrid cloud environment
  • Streamline operations so you can increase agility and deliver data services at scale
  • Bring a cloud experience to all your apps, data, and workloads
  • And so much more!

Give us 15 minutes to see what PKA and HPE can do for you

Learn about the opportunities HPE Alletra can create for your organization, and how our PKA SolveIT solutions can help you truly understand your workloads so you can achieve them cost-effectively.

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