Hot and Cold Data

Data is growing very rapidly – much of the world’s data was created in the last two years, and enterprise data is growing at a furious pace. There are constant budget pressures, and an increasing need to handle immutable data as well as Big Data. The question of how to retain all this data while keeping within flat budgets is a significant but not insurmountable challenge. Businesses need to do more with less and are looking for affordable scale-out storage options, such as cloud and object storage, to address their growing storage needs.

PKA SolveIT Storage Solutions enable businesses to manage their data intelligently by identifying inactive, immutable, and other targeted data across their NAS storage frames, and transparently moving targeted data with user-defined policies to cost-effective options such as cloud or object storage – without any changes to user or application access. Policies commonly include least recently used (LRU) for moving older and inactive data to lower-cost storage options, as well as moving immutable data, marketing videos, and other audio or video content to a lower tier of storage.


Please click the below link for a recent PKA webinar and managing data.

Replay: PKA Webinar on Hot and Cold Data

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    PKA SolveIT is a family of solutions, and this month’s focus is PKA SolveIT Storage solutions. Future month’s solution highlights will include:
    1.Data management solutions
    2. Network management solutions
    3. As-a-service solutions
    4. Hybrid cloud solutions


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