3 Par Storage

Storage is a key solution set at PKA. To be truly effective and economical, a one-size-fits-all solution out-of-a – box simply isn’t an option. The only storage solution is the proper application of technology that suits your needs, cost requirements, and environment.

Our assessment process will help us articulate together exactly what is a value for you – whether its small attached storage to workgroup SAN’s or data center storage or globally replicated storage – and whether it’s one thousand dollars, or ten million dollars. (That does exist.)

But some of the key questions to answer are how fast do you need it to be, how available, and with what functionality? From there we can start to architect an optimized solution.

Our partnership with HP puts us, and you, in great position to attain that. HP Converged Storage is bringing powerful innovation to the category. It accelerates your ROI by eliminating the physical, logical and management boundaries that have traditionally separated storage from the rest of IT.

The Converged Storage vision is to provide you with a single architecture to span your platform needs from low to high with converged protocol access across block,object and file. With HP Converged Storage, HP innovations free you to focus on your own.

Here are 5 compelling reasons to move to HP Converged Storage:

  • You can respond to new demands.
  • Unpredictable workloads require agile storage that adjusts quickly without bottlenecks through Scale-Out Architecture, Storage Federation, Adaptive Optimization, and Tiering and Solid State Storage
  • You can do more with less.
  • Explosive data growth requires getting the most from every dollar and disk with HP Thin Technologies and StoreOnce Deduplication.
  • You can deploy services in minutes.

Users now expect near-instant application availability that requires deeper integration across the stack, made possible with Autonomic Management and Service Orchestration.

HP 3Par Storage offers exciting possibilities.

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We’d also love to have the opportunity to demonstrate in person what the right storage solution can do for you.