HPE’s NVIDIA Integration Win

Key takeaways from HPE Discover 2024

The week of June 17, 2024 proved to be an incredibly momentous one for HPE, their partnerships, and the future of AI to business. As CEO Antonio Neri reflected on HPE’s NVIDIA integration win, he said this: “My goal is to make HPE the complete AI solution partner for any enterprise. When we connect everything inside the enterprise—from edge to cloud—transformation happens, and intelligence is limitless.” We’ll summarize some of the key announcements from HPE Discover and what those mean to your business here.

NVIDIA and HPE Are Fully Partnered

At a keynote at Sphere, the immersive, iconic Las Vegas venue, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang had this to say about the HPE-NVIDIA integration: “Never before have NVIDIA and HPE integrated our technologies so deeply—combining the entire NVIDIA AI computing stack along with HPE’s private cloud technology—to equip enterprise clients and AI professionals with the most advanced computing infrastructure and services to expand the frontier of AI.”

This intimate partnership creates an incredible tech opportunity for businesses of all sizes. HPE’s Private Cloud AI provides incredible opportunities for business to realize faster innovation and enhanced return on investment. HPE has called this a “co-developed Private Cloud AI portfolio.” This means that HPE has an enhanced set of tools, support, and the ability to move quickly in a space that moves, well, quickly.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise Software + GreenLake

Definition-wise, NVIDIA AI Enterprise Software is “an end-to-end, cloud-native software platform that accelerates data science pipelines and streamlines development and deployment of production-grade co-pilots and other generative AI applications.” The platform provides “optimized model performance with enterprise-grade security, support, and stability…(which ensures) smooth transition from prototype to production for enterprises that run their businesses on AI.”

In practice, the software provides significant business benefits. These include optimized performance and streamlined AI development. IT also allows your AI platform to run anywhere—whether in the cloud, inside your datacenter, or at your workstation. You can deploy your AI knowing that your IP is protected with continuous vulnerability monitoring.

Coupled with this, HPE’s Private Cloud AI is billed as a turnkey solution delivering private cloud AI to the market. Additionally, as noted in HPE’s press release announcing this collaborative solution, “…plug it in, login to HPE GreenLake cloud, and three clicks and 24 seconds later, data science and IT Ops teams are instantly collaborating and innovating together.” Innovation. Acceleration. Optimization. That’s the promise of HPE’s Private Cloud AI.

HPE: Your Trusted AI Partner

HPE has the infrastructure in place with its strategic manufacturing partnerships, channel experts, and GreenLake platform for execution. As Neri pointed out at HPE Discover, adopting a hybrid strategy is “critical for AI” to work across enterprises. Also, this includes the need to coordinate microservices and connect a myriad of data sources and repositories across the business landscape. Connecting them and leveraging that data is critical to overall success. HPE is uniquely positioned to enable this with AI and the full portfolio of technology solutions and services.

PKA as Your Partner

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